Vanilla Grass Herbs - medicinal healing herbs
Multiple Formula Liquid Extract 1oz
Daily tonic supporting normal healthy metabolism, brain function and vitality

ingredients: rhodiola, maca, burdock, oregon grape, dandelion, stinging nettle
Price: $16.00
Menomorphosis Liquid Extract 1oz
promotes normal healthy female glandular system function and soothes nervous tension

ingredients: dong quai, burdock, chaste tree, motherwort, black cohosh, licorice
Price: $16.00
Menopause Tonic Liquid Extract 2oz
relieves menopause symptoms

ingredients: ashwagandha, astragalus, codonopsis, eleuthero, solomons seal root
Price: $28.00
Dong Quai capsules 550mg
balances estrogen levels, reduces hot flashes, uterine fibroids, anemia, iron deficiency

60 powder capsules
Price: $17.00
Maca Root capsules
eases hot flashes, menopause symptoms, low libido, prevents hair loss, helps with energy

60 powder capsules
Price: $8.00
Black Cohosh capsules 515mg
eases menstral cramps, PMS, hot flashes, headaches

60 powder capsules
Price: $13.00

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