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Damini Silk Stole (SALE)
reg 49.00 Our Damini Silk Stole is hand-woven with pure silk in a stunning weave design. This is one of our most popular fair trade silk scarves, and comes in a range of classic color combinations. Size: 12" x 76" Color: Red & Black
Price: $49.00 $43.00
Avani Organic Cotton Scarf (SALE)
Reg 17.00 Our Avani Organic Cotton Scarf is hand block-printed using eco-friendly dyes on pure organic cotton. Cotton fabrics labeled organic are an eco-friendly option as they are produced without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Size: 22" x 78" Color: Mustard
Price: $17.00 $14.45
Ajara Kiwi Infinity Scarf (SALE)
Reg 18.00 Our Ajara Kiwi Infinity Scarf is hand block-printed on 100% cotton knit in a contemporary playful polka dot design. Makes for a bold, bright and colorful fashion statement! Size: 10" x 80" Color: Kiwi
Price: $18.00 $15.60
Gayatri Infinity Scarf (SALE)
Reg 19.00 Our Gayatri Infinity Scarf is hand block-printed on 100% cotton knit, for a very soft look and feel. Size: 11" x 80" Color: Mint
Price: $19.00 $16.45
Ramba Silk Scarf
Ramba Black and Silver scarf is hand woven using the finest natural silk in a pleated weave. Makes a elegant across the shoulder wrap as it stretches and conforms to fit. Great for that black or white dress.

12 x 60
Price: $23.00
Zari Ruffle Silk Scarf
Zari Ruffle Silk Scarf is woven using the finest silk with silver thread for shimmer. Black and White

12 x 42
Price: $19.00
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